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There’s a lot to say about Jerusalem our amazing capital, but this article
will mainly focus on tourism.

In Jerusalem you can find a variety of accommodation options such as large hotels,

bed and breakfast hotels and of course small intimate hotels like the Eden Jerusalem Hotel.

Jerusalem offers various activities and all sorts of sightseeing. Whether it is the
amazing museums of the city near the Parliament House, and the Israel Museum itself
you’ve come to visit, or the commercial area you’re interested in. For anyone keen on
History and Antiques, the scenic views of the old city are of a rare beauty!
The different Jerusalem hotels that spread over the entire city host the most diverse
and challenging population: great statesmen from Israel and abroad, many tourists
who come to enjoy the oldest city in the world, as well as Israeli citizens coming to
enjoy the colorful city.
Jerusalem, although it is characterized as a religious city it also one of Israel’s largest
cities with areas which have evolved in recent years and where you can find many
restaurants including restaurants of famous chefs, many bars and night clubs.
A very special attraction is the city tour guided by actors in costumes telling you the
beautiful stories of the City, an experience recommended for everyone!
The attractions are numerous and often are free, especially during spring and
summer when the city hosts many festivals and events.
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